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   Café Habitual is an amazing place that has captured the hearts of São Paulo residents since 2017 when it first opened its doors in the charming neighborhood of Jardins. With a delightful and uncomplicated concept, this café is the result of the union between a talented Australian of Turkish heritage and a Brazilian from Minas Gerais. Together, they have created a unique Mediterranean menu with an all-day brunch, allowing you to indulge whenever you desire.

   At Café Habitual, the food is comforting, and you can eat whatever you like at any time of the day. One of the stars on our menu is the famous Turkish-style Eggs Benedict, a special recipe created by our passionate chef Arman, inspired by the flavors he learned from his lovely Greek grandmother. But that’s not all! In 2018, our team became even more incredible with the addition of the experienced Alan Gattiboni, who brought his expertise in hospitality and gastronomy.

   Our venues have a unique style, with large windows that keep the space bright and inviting. Comfort is a priority for us, which is why we offer various options of chairs and armchairs for you to relax while enjoying the view of the street.

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Cafe Jardins

Capacity: 30 seats
Accessibility: Yes
Payment methods:
Visa, Master, Elo e Amex

Valet: R$ 20 (outsourced)

Bookings: only during the week

Delivery: Rappi & iFood 
Monday to Friday from 8:15am to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday from 8:15am to 6pm

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday:                        8am to 7pm (Kitchen closes 6:30pm)

Saturday, Sundays & Holidays:  8am to 6pm (Kitchen closes 5:30pm)

Cafe Pinheiros

Capacity: 44 seats
Accessibility: Yes
Payment methods:  All credit cards

Parking: Parking next door, outsourced

Reservas: by phone

Delivery: Rappi & iFood until 6pm

Opening hours:

Every day: 8am to 6pm (Kitchen closes 5:30pm)

Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite, 1152
Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP

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